Adult Juice Pouch


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You will be the envy of every adult on the lake, by the pool or by the campfire.  They're perfect for family reunions or a girls weekend. And if you're feeling particularly rebellious, pack those babies for those long soccer/football/volleyball tournament weekends.  Mamas need their juice pouch too!!!

These babies are reusable and can hold whatever needs sipping - water, juice, wine and even margaritas.  The possibilities are endless!  Buy a couple for yourself and a few for friends.  You get a juice pouch, you get a juice pouch and you get a juice pouch!!

Two large holes at the top of the pouch for hanging or carrying
* Food Grade - made of non toxic BPA materials
* Holds around 15-17 oz of liquid
* Resealable
* Comes with individually packaged straws

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