Introducing Color Street - 100% nail polish strips!

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I am so super excited about this new product line!  Back in March I learned about a new company getting ready to launch 100% nail strips, easy to apply, no tools needed.  Exciting, right?  I loooove nail polish and I looooove the idea of nail strips but I always have issues.  Nail polish smudges, chips and never stays put for me.  Vinyl strips are great in theory but for some reason won't stick because my nail bed is too curved and/or my chemistry repels the adhesive.  So frustrating!  Enter Color Street!  


What is Color Street?


The first time I got my hands on a set I was super excited.  With easy to understand directions I had a full mani completed in less than 15 minutes.  The best part?  My nails were dry....there is absolutely no wait time.  It's true! 


Color Street nail strips are available in solids, glitter, art prints and french tips.  Each packet contains 16 individual strips of varying sizes to easily fit most nail shapes/sizes.  It is even possible to cut the strips in half in order to give yourself a mani and a pedi.  I know!  It just keeps getting better!  They are reasonably priced and each style has a special (detailed elow) to stretch your hard earned dollars.  



Here's a peek at some of the available styles. 



Head to to learn more!


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